Ganador del Concurso de Relatos: Pau Vicente

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Ganador del Concurso de Relatos: Pau Vicente

Tras haber recibido diversos relatos por parte nuestros alumnos, Pau Vicente, alumno de English Tower en el nivel B2, ha resultado el ganador. Gracias a su regalo Pau recibe dos trimestres de clases de inglés por cortesía de English Tower, valorados en 600€ aprox.

Por otro lado, os animamos a todos a participar en el próximo concurso de relatos que anunciaremos en breve: podrán participar tanto los alumnos como los que no son alumnos, a partir de 1º de la ESO, presentando su relato de hasta 400 palabras. Os dejamos con el relato de Pau, al que damos gracias por participar y habernos obsequiado con un texto como este:


Relato Ganador del Concurso de English Tower

The elderly man saw himself reflected in the underground’s window. It could not be said  that he kept himself fit. He was stooped over and extremely slim, shaving the sickness. He just had a few grey hair on his head and his face was covered with winkles . His green eyes, which once were full of life, expressed exhaustion and weakness. However, he was really excited. Today his grandson was going to be born! The route was long, so he started to read. The carriage was full of men who were returning of the office, students with their uniforms, mothers carrying their cry-babies… but he was so absorbed in his novel that he did not even noticed. Suddenly, the book fell. He tried to pick it up, but he could not move. He asked for help, but no one gave signals of having heard him. After yelling, insulting, even begging the people to take him notice, he gave up to look through the pane. A deep sadness overcame him when the metro reached the hospital stop, and he understood that he would never know the little Cody.

            The coach got to emptying until the man remained completely alone. Then the metro arrived at the last stop; but, instead of slowing down, it continued out a dark way during minutes, hours or days, he did not know it, but it did not matter anymore. All of a sudden, it appeared a delivery room behind the window. There  was a tired young woman sweating profusely, and a tall man rocking a baby. The old person recognised his parents and  realised that he was seeing his own birth. After that, all returned to the dark and the metro travelled up to a small plaza, where he saw two kids playing with wooden sticks. «Oh god, this is Finn!- thought the old man- I have not seen him since I left the village.  Will his live have gone well?». By means of this cycles  of dark and images, he saw his own life pass. The games with his friends, the advices of his parents, the excitement of the first love, the car accident which killed his father… and Nancy. He met her while he was working in the construction. They were not a perfect couple, but they truly loved each other, at least for a time. They moved into a flat together and had a daughter, Amy. But they were so different. They used to fight a lot and their relationship became deteriorated. Nancy neither stood the maternity well. After giving birth she stopped eating and sleeping and she isolated herself. She was even afraid of being alone with the baby and constantly felt that she was not needed, that she would never be a good mother. She left and never returned. He searched her by all the city, cursing her a thousand times for having abandoned him, and regretting another thousand for not having helped her enough, but it was too late. He strove to be a good father, and, with the passage of time, the wound of the leaving was less and less painful.

            When the old man saw the last image all became dark and something entered. Although it had a human shape, no one would have said that it was a person. It was so tall that it grazed the ceiling. It wore a black suit and hat, and it was supported by a giant cane. Emptiness. That was the unique thing he felt when he looked at its dark eyes. He knew that he was in front of the death, and felt like a little frightened child.

– It is time to go- said to him

-Will Nancy be there?

– No. There will not be Nancy, not you, not pain, not love, not happiness, not sadness… It just will be the void. Do we go?

–  Do I have an option?

– You already know that answer.

 The old man got off the metro and went into the great abyss hand in hand with the death.


Pau Vicente Mora.

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